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Timeshare Buyers List is committed to connecting Timeshare Owners with Timeshare Resale Companies and Timeshare Agents and  Time Share Proffesionals around the Globe.

Our Timeshare Services include:

  • Providing Lists of People Looking to Purchase Timeshares
  • Providing Lists Of Current Timeshare Owners
  • Compiling and Sharing Lists of Consumers who have Paid to List their Timeshare
  • Providing Lead Lists of People who have enquired online to Sell their Timeshare
  • Accurate By Resort Listings of Current Timeshare Owners with purchase dates, purchase price, timeshare resort name, contact phone and contact email
  • Timeshare Tour Listings - People who have toured
  • Deeded timeshare owner property listings
  • People Looking to sell, exchange or network their timeshare property through BBS and Timeshare Users Groups
  • People Actively seeking refund or relief on their timeshare unit

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